MARTORN EP (self titled)

Martorns sleftitled EP “MARTORN” released on July 2, 2021 marks the real beginning of the era that is Martorn. Complete with two new tracks “AWAKEN” and “VATTENFALLETS BRUS” this well rounded experience offers an insight to what is to come.


Martorns third single “HELL OF FIRE” Released in the winter of 2020 bringing questions about our existence. What are we doing to deserve life on this earth and what is the consequences of every action taken?


Martorns second single “Martorn Rising” Released in the spring of 2020 uncovering more truths about the band. This Anthem -like piece invites us closer to understanding what drives this band. Singer Emma Michaelsen says:
“This is not a band, this is a movement. I am the MARTORN”

Debut single, Overocome

Martorns debut single “Overcome” Released in the Autumn of 2019 revealed a unique sound. Beauty, wrath and survival embodied in one band. Singer Emma Michaelsen says”Overcome celebrates the ability to retain clarity and remain powerful under the most hostile circumstances. A truth, that can only be nurtured by one self”


As a melodic black/epic death metal band with international members, Martorn stands for
admiration, loyalty, and healing. The lyrics follow suit with symbolic imagery of strenuous
growth, ephemeral beauty, and inevitable decay. The group is comprised of lead
singer/keyboardist/lyricist Emma Michaelsen (The Rhythm Coffin) and guitarist/bassist Art Bertik
(Despite Loyalty, Strangled By Strangulation, Groamville) and Grammy award winning violinist
Alyson Montez. Together, they create melodic death metal with cryptic lyrics and haunting
melodies. Guest musicians featured on tracks also include drummer Ben Durfee (Dysphotic,Coma Recovery, Cassovita) Classically trained Grand Harpist Michelle Sardi Campbell, drummer Aren Hacobian (Despite Loyalty) and guitarist Scott McNicol (Despite Loyalty / Dance, Darklings!).

As Michaelsen hails from Sweden, while Bertik and Montez both hail from America, they literally
had to cross oceans to make their music happen. Each Martorn song explores the duality of
resilience and despair. The music is bittersweet, like Pandora’s box, full of darkness, yet
redeemed by hope. But even the hopefulness is tempered by morbidity, because it’s only the
potential for progress, not a guarantee of it. The growls and gutterals are a dead giveaway for
deep-rooted anger and frustration.

Michaelsen and Bertik met in 2015 after her live performance with The Rhythm Coffin in
Hollywood, California. They have been collaborating on creating music together in between all
their other projects, ever since. Montez completed the trio shortly thereafter, originally as a
guest musician, and later as a permanent member. Their songs embody the epic atmosphere of
black metal, the raw rage of death metal, and the emotional sorrow of melodic metal. Their
music exemplifies the paradox of resilience and adversity. Martorn is deep, heavy, melancholy
music, of delicate introspection and ironclad willpower.